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Bruce Lev & Armand Hutton

Tears - Single (2017)


Review By Dom Otto Asís

September 1, 2017

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Dom Otto Asís

Listening to the a cappella version of Bruce Lev's Tears as vocally arranged by Armand Hutton is like reading a science fiction book. The chord progression fluctuates from common to irregular; although it stays loyal to the accompanied version, the color of the song drastically changes. The saturation of the dissonant chords is so blatant that it buries the melody at times.

I am honored to be listening to a high-level musical work that's similar to Jacob Collier's crazy and out-of-this-world (but fun) vocal arrangements. Tears uses background chords that have all the good stuff required to support the melody, but the result does not capture my emotions as much as it should. It is a very cerebral work. There are moments where the resolution chords seem fulfilling and they come in waves throughout the song. Music nerds who have perfect pitch will find this track satisfying and can indulge in the various vocal colors that this song offers.

Overall, the track could have uncluttered the background a bit and given the spotlight to the melody, as "less is more". But if you have heard the accompanied version of Tears, you'll find this track an indulgent treat.


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