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A Sky Full Of Stars - Single (2014)


Review By TeKay

January 16, 2015

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During the last five years or so, production companies began releasing tracks they created to showcase their studio expertise and creativity. ACappellaPsych joined the foray in 2012 (with The Explosion Medley) and now offers its eighth track, Sky Full of Stars.

Matt Caruso and company have done an admirable job. Current RARB reviewer Nicholas Wright's arrangement is well constructed, highlighting the musicality of the performers. Dynamics, swells, and phrasing, oh my! The soloists and background offer smooth and mellow (almost dulcet) tones that relax the listener. And the nice atmospheric production readily establishes this as an ethereal, nocturnal experience — albeit one that may be too hazy to see any of the stars purported in the lyrics.

I like listening to the song, but something doesn't sit quite soundly. I don't love it. Sometimes re-imagined songs lose a lot in the translation. The Coldplay original is possibly the happiest dance track I’ve ever heard from that band. With ACappellaPsych, it renders as not quite a dirge, but too much of an easy listening ballad. As a package, the end result really supports that "sky" aspect of the song but is devoid of any light and energy that could be attributable to the "stars".

I’m torn because the track is creative enough to keep it from being a simple cover, but it’s not quite what it could be.


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