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Friedemann & Friends

Disney Medley - Single (2020)


Review By TeKay

July 22, 2020

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Disney Medley plays exclusively on YouTube.


I’m not a super huge Disney music fan, but I do love listening to medleys and trying to discern which titles are included (I once won a contest for naming 31 out of 40 musicals lampooned during a production). So, it was a bit of fun, but also completely frustrating listening to (and watching) the latest release from Friedemann & Friends—the generically titled (and sounding) Disney Medley.

In a first for RARB singles, we were offered a music video to review and then received an mp3 of the track afterward. Let’s just say that the visuals helped to enjoy the track a lot more than solely listening to it, as some "goofy" faces increased the song’s likability.

The track is well sung with excellent background voices and ensemble singing, but some of those voices don’t achieve the same caliber when asked to sing their solo snippet. It’s the epitome of the collegiate “let’s all have a solo moment” track. Standouts include Johannes Dau on Everybody Wants to be a Cat, Jenny Fabian on He’s a Tramp, Alice Wohlust on Reflection, and my personal favorite, Hannes Brümmer on You’ll Be in My Heart. More of Brümmer, please.

The magician behind Disney Medley, Friedemann Petter, has a wonderful voice, but I think he’s tried to do too much by arranging 29 songs into four and a half minutes. With some of the leads being less than ten seconds long, it’s a "topsy-turvy" mishmash of buzzy noise and forced transitions that detract from the overall quality. On the flip side, there are great moments where he’s mashed a few songs together that completely work harmonically and melodically. Having fewer songs and more creative arranging would have taken this medley from “zero to hero” and kept the audience from listening to the troublesome Siamese Cat Song. I mean it’s "almost there".

Lastly, if you are a huge Disney fan, you may consider this release the ultimate love ode as the single was posted on February 14, 2020.


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