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Take 7

Winter Park High School

Older - Single (2020)


Review By TeKay

December 21, 2020

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Ben Platt. Some of us forget how truly great he is regardless of the Tony Awards. We still see him as the lovable doof in Pitch Perfect, a good voice but nothing "special". We don't think about the fact that he's also a talented songwriter, having penned the fantastic song Older. And oh my land, have the women of Take 7 made this already great song soar into an anthem for the decades.

This is metamusic at its best. The current group of performers partnered with several alumae from years past to record this track. I can only imagine what that conversation was like when faculty director Matthew Swope brought the project idea to the table. "Hey ladies, we're about to take a song about coming out, authenticity, and 'no day but today' and make the world realize that every moment of your life is about not wishing for the future and living your truth now." How appropos to have the older generation of stellar singers comingle with their younger sisters to make this a magical moment.

There are four soloists on the track and they blend seamlessly from one to the other. Dara Moux (verse 1), Emilee Algarin (verse 2), Marissa Volpe and Elaina Zwiener (ending) all have earthly angelic alto voices even when effortlessly capturing the sopranic belt at the end — richly nuanced and agile. And the background offers a lot of space for each soloist to leave an indelible mark. There is a lot to love in this far too brief song.

The only drawback is that under the second verse the bass and drum pattern is too square and plodding, with the snare accentuating the 2 and 4 too forcefully for the airiness of the song. The song needs to roll like a river (or egg); for a brief moment, we feel like we're marching through the mud. 

Don't let a moment get older before you head out and get this track from Take 7.


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