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Ransom Notes

University of Chicago

TAKE WHAT YOU WANT - Single (2022)


February 18, 2023

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Kimberly Raschka Sailor

The 2019 hip hop/metal collaboration hit Take What You Want (Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, and Travis Scott) gets an impressive remake from the Ransom Notes. This version is just as loud and gnarly, but distinctive with a new intro, lots more treble, and an action-packed soundscape.

The Ransom Notes give us a haunting, freaky, borderline disturbing intro with historic soundbytes against a broken down chorus that adds about a minute to the original song. If we're recording for the apocalypse, this is what we'll use. Bold leads Achu Menon and Hina Masuda Singh sound like they've been through hell and this is it, this is the end as they aggressively slice up their notes. It's an entire symphony of desperation from arranger Wonyoung Jang, who skillfully layers the pieces to maximum sonic density before ending with a primal scream. For the group's last single submission, Better, I wrote: "Wonyoung Jang, you're clever and awesome. And a heck of a drummer, too." Well, same deal, new song.

When a piece sounds this Big Screen, credit must be given to the production team who stitched all the lines together and selected just the right effects and gloss. The quartet packaging this song for your speakers — Jang, Jared Pollard, Ed Boyer, and Bill Hare — surely had fun with this one. Also, what arresting album art! In a digital era where this matters less, attention to craft will always capture attention.

If you like it really wild and really dramatic, shoot, you're gonna love Take What You Want.

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