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Ransom Notes

University of Chicago

Oops!... I Did It Again - Single (2019)


Review By TeKay

December 30, 2019

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This is the cover of Oops!... I Did It Again that we almost didn't need. I say almost because it has such moments of uber-cheesiness that it makes you contemplate whether the members of the Ransom Notes, but especially arranger Corinne DiFrancesco and the tenor section especially, Kidz Bopped their way into performing this song after hearing Britney during her Mouseketeer days. But then soloist Maggie Bader expresses her utter delight in getting to perform the song, while not meaning one iota of the apology in the lyrics, that it's mesmerizing.

There are two distinct aspects of the track that seem to be at odds with each other — balance and style. The balance is not the best as each of the vocal parts and flourishes fight for prominence and recognition. We hear all of you, your mom hears you, it's quite alright to just sit back and relax a bit. Yet, when that does occur the arrangement becomes too choral in nature. Bader's jazzy sultriness is an odd juxtaposition overtop such a bubble gum style. We talk about stage performers being in different productions when the styles aren't meshing, and the same holds here: Bader's style would suit a pad more like Overboard's fantastic take on Toxic several hundred years ago. 

Yet these performers from the University of Chicago have created a track that is a treat to listen to on occasion. The bridge, in particular, is really spectacularly twisted and fun. I wish the liner notes credited the male harmony singer because his support of Bader's work takes it to a whole new level. I could listen to the two of them sing this without any of the background and be swimming in happiness.


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