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All-Night Yahtzee

Florida State University

Snakeskin / G.U.Y. - Single (2024)


Review By Brian Alexander

March 5, 2024

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Snakeskin / G.U.Y. streams on Apple and Spotify. 

Brian Alexander

It feels as if the days when music used to make a profound statement with its sound and presentation are behind us, at least when listening to most songs on the radio. What used to be about emotional moments, creative track openings, and so much more, has been replaced by decent beats and studio magic that leaves you puzzled about whether the soloist is that good of a singer. Fortunately, All-Night Yahtzee is doing its part to emphasize that creativity, theatrics, and the raw power of the human voice will persist.

The group's latest single Snakeskin / G.U.Y. proves there can be harmony in bridging musical styles and components of the past with the present. The track's opening, with its soulful magnetism, is stuff you just don't hear in music anymore. It is very reminiscent of the '90s and early 2000s R&B tracks where the opening lets you know that something good is on the way. And that goodness presents itself in the form of stunning arpeggios, first delivered by the track's lead, then mimicked by both the bass and higher backing vocal parts.

Snakeskin / G.U.Y. really takes flight after this point due mostly to the theatrics of the spoken parts, similar to what is in Lady Gaga's original G.U.Y. track. Now, I know that "being theatrical" does not have the best track record with being a positive sentiment in music, but in a cappella, and more specifically in the way that All-Night Yahtzee executes, it just works! It sets the tone and foundation for the song to bring the heat, which happens almost immediately after.

The pulse and groove flow in effortlessly, which cues a spectacular lead delivery, which starts subtly and then builds. What I love most about the lead's voice is how naturally powerful and present it is. Even in their more reserved moments (which is not very often), their voice commands attention. Then, in the latter half of the song, we are treated to some otherworldly trio stylings. Megan Almonte, Jackson Knight, and Talia Schatz deserve the utmost praise for the vocal work they put in to create some of the song's most pivotal moments.

Alejo Rodriguez Sanchez cannot go unnoticed as the mastermind behind this captivating arrangement as concocting an arrangement that is creative, nuanced, and appealing from start to finish is no easy feat. There is even a moment where it sounds as if this mashup has a Madonna's Vogue vibe.

What it all comes down to is that EDM songs covered by a cappella groups are a challenge to get right. All-Night Yahtzee accomplishes this without batting an eye; be it the backing group that fills out so much space with engaging vocal lines, or the talented production team that adds that extra level of flavor to get the group across the finish line.

Snakeskin / G.U.Y. is a firecracker that goes off with a bang, and it is worth all the applause!

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