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The Pennharmonics

Pennsylvania State University

What You Don't Do - Single (2016)


Review By Dom Otto Asís

March 22, 2016

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Dom Otto Asís

What You Don't Do is one of those songs that you wish to hear a cappella. Luckily, The Pennharmonics perform this song just the way it's supposed to sound. This collaborative arrangement by Marianne Cheng and Colin Egan maximizes the vocal talents of this co-ed group. To sum up this single in three words: Groovy, Soulful, and Fervent.

Soloist Erin Vrana has the killer vocals that are a perfect fit for this cover. She's skillfully able to access her vocal registers with ease and precision without sounding screechy. Her ending vocal riff starting from her mixed register down to her chest register makes such a mic-drop exit. Kyle Howard is another secret weapon as he sets the mood for this track with his vocal percussion skills. I think the main drivers of the 12/8 time signature is blended between the bass, vocal percussion, and the 3D panned traveling "I know what I got" treble voices in the backround. The gospel choir break is such bliss to listen to. It's always amazing when the background singers measure up to the intensity and energy of the main vocals. That A4 note that's left behind while the gospel choir sings the break is on fleek.

However, the panning of the high vocal ad libs is focused on the right side and would have been better if it was spatially spread on both sides to make use of the vast binaural space. Also, there's a lot of treble voices in the background and this could have been filled in by some baritones or tenors in between spaces. The tenors are a bit too compressed and buried in the mix. Lastly, this track could have had a little bit more bass. Despite these concerns, I'm still happy to listen to this track all day long.

This Penharmonics single is one of my new favorite songs in my playlist. Buy this single and make it your favorite, too.

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