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One of These Days - Single (2016)


Review By Dom Otto Asís

April 8, 2016

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Dom Otto Asís

MICappella presents us with an original called One of These Days (OOTD). This talented bunch from Singapore released this English-Mandarin danceable track for a good cause. The main context is about current social issues — if we don't change our ways, the world will become a bad place.

One admirable thing about MICappella is how the group really values the contribution of everyone who worked with the members to produce this track and the accompanying music video. The production cast is star-studded: Alex Green as editor; Ed Boyer as mixer; Ben Bram as arranger; Peter Huang as producer (also co-writer); and Tat Tong and Elisa Lin as song writers. I'm pretty sure there's a hint of PTX in the style, but MICappella still wins the identity.

The gold medal goes to vocal percussionist Peter Huang, while the star award goes to the bass Goh Mingwei. You'll hardly notice that this track is a cappella, and one can quickly say the beat sounds like Hey Mickey. It feels very familiar to the ears; even though the song is performed in Mandarin, it still captures a non-speaker's attention. My favorite section is the breakdown of parts starting from the bass and the baritone singing "One of these days," followed by another layer of melody a couple of measures after the first. If being too critical, I wish the soprano's last note was a clearer B natural to provide a more satisfying Gmajor7 resolution.

Surprisingly, the repetitive nature of the song isn't painful. The truth about perfection is that it doesn't exist; this group is strong enough to raise the a cappella bar by creating a higher musical standard. Technicalities are negligible when the rest of the factors are utterly impressive.

The English version will be included in MICappella's next album. For sure, this track can sell like hotcakes in the Asian mainstream media (and maybe globally, too), and could probably hit the charts. Get One of These Days while it's hot.

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